I have invested heavily in DJI Inspire and Phantom 3 professional drones, because of their proven reliability, build quality, long flight times and the interchangeable parts.

I choose DJI equipment including the handheld DJI Osmo handheld camera, because I believe they offer the most advanced aerial photography equipment and camera gimbal system. The DJI Inspire and Phantom 3 Professional can also be set up to fly indoors.

My equipment is maintained to the highest standards in accordance with our CAA inspected and approved operating procedures.

Each drone fits in a carrying case or hard shell backpack, so I can reach difficult take off and landing sites. The DJI Inspire and Phantom 3 Professional  have the capability to use interchangeable cameras to allow me to zoom in for shots

My standard UAV drones and handheld cameras film in Ultra-HD 4K video and 12 megapixel still images, using the latest in camera stabilization technology. The remote control gimbal system delivers smooth fluid shots even in difficult conditions.

The DJI pilot remote controllers are connected to either IPad or Android tables which allows me to stream live video footage from the drone to the ground.  This permits both the pilot and client to see exactly what is being filmed in real time and this allows me to adjust the camera pan, tilt, framing and drone flight path as I fly to get the best shots.

I have the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Aerial Work” PFAW which means as a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) I are governed and regulated by the CAA.