Roy Horton – My Business Background

For over 25 years I built up my own property and leisure company.  In this time I have been involved in the development of 12 golf courses changing the landscape of over 2000 acres.

This business journey has also seen me involved with the renovation and construction of listed buildings and their surrounding man-made landscapes before I finished in 2012.

From 2006 I have had an interest in Aerial photography when I started to use helicopters to capture a unique aerial viewpoint to use in brochures, marketing material and record development progress.

This made me aware of the power of aerial photography when used over landscapes and buildings.

In 2012 I discovered drones and began flying and using them for photography.

In 2016 I set up Drone Photography Services Ltd a specialist business for Drone Aerial Photography.

CAA Approved Drone Pilot

I early 2016 I passed the CAA-approved drone exams and flight assessments. I now hold the established drone industry Remote Pilot Qualification (RPQ-s) for multi-rotor aircraft under 7kg.

I have the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Aerial Work” PFAW which means, as a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) I am governed and regulated by the CAA.

The PFAW is mandatory for anyone operating a commercial aerial photography drone business in the UK, along with adequate public liability insurance.  I carry £5 million commercial drone liability insurance.

Google Street View

I am a 360 panorama Google Street View Trusted Photographer, verified by Google.

Google Street View is familiar and well know technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth, that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world.

The drag-and-drop Pegman icon is the primary user interface element used to connect Google Maps to Google Street View. His name comes from his resemblance to a clothespeg.

Street View is now available as a component of Google Maps, as a web application, and as a mobile application for Android and iOS.

You can now showcase your business online with a Google 360 degree virtual tour. Bring your business to life, allowing  your visitors to step inside and explore.

The 360 degree interactive virtual tour experience on Google Street View, that lets them connect with your business in a unique and engaging way, turning your online visitors into customers.

Software Editing

I use the latest professional Adobe Photoshop / Premiere Pro /Speed Grade photo and video editing software.   I offer professional editing services including, graphics, colour correction and colour grading services tailored to my client’s requirements.

I can adjust our aerial images and video footage to incorporate soundtracks, music, sound effects, your corporate image or design to deliver film ready for publication.   I can advise, install and run any videos, images or 360 panoramas on your website.


We moved to Cornwall two years ago which is one of the most beautiful county’s in the U.K.

I am a low handicap golfer, a Canadian CSIA 2 qualified ski instructor and keen mountain biker.

I have been fortunate to have  travelled extensively around the world. My favourite countries are Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Canada is great for the seasons especially the winter landscape and the uncrowded ski resorts.Roy Horton, Canada, skiiing

You can contact me: Roy Horton on 07867 556233